Friday, October 28, 2011

concerts galore

even though it was last tuesday, my boyfriend and i decided to dress up when we went to the awesome chromeo concert at the mercy lounge. i bought (another) wig because i am obsessed with them, and this one was about $30 dollars at party city. the one that i am going to wear on monday to the pretty lights concert is a red wig that i ordered from china that is made up of kanekalon fiber (so you can curl or straight iron it). i'm still not giving away my costume until i have it on monday, but i am going to another party tonight to dress up as a japanese/harajuku/kandi raver. i don't even need another costume thing since i own so much neon and crazy shit, i'm just going to sport this purple wig again. anywho, here is one image of chromeo concert, and more will follow.

Friday, October 21, 2011


This was my costume last year, excited to show what i will be doing this year :3 AND i will be seeing pretty lights perform on halloween night. let's see what happens~