Monday, January 30, 2012

cotton candy sugarpill

i love my sugarpill makeup. here was a look i did while being bored. posting more pics of this once i'm not at work~

sugarpill pressed eyeshadows in:
tako, dollipop, afterparty, and poison plum

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


new boots boyfriend got me, love.


it's actually been two months since my birthday, but i suck at keeping up with shit hence the late post. but anyways, pictures of outfit and yadda yadda. i'm obsessed with pinterest right now so i'm going to go back to doing that now. also, did makeup with sugarpill that i'll post later. yeerrrrrr

dyed my hair using john freida's colour foam which is just phenomenal. using dark natural brown.. makes it look super great. my hair is so thick so i usually need two applications when it comes to liquid color, but i only needed one with the foam

eye makeup is from sleek makeups bad girl palette