Friday, October 28, 2011

concerts galore

even though it was last tuesday, my boyfriend and i decided to dress up when we went to the awesome chromeo concert at the mercy lounge. i bought (another) wig because i am obsessed with them, and this one was about $30 dollars at party city. the one that i am going to wear on monday to the pretty lights concert is a red wig that i ordered from china that is made up of kanekalon fiber (so you can curl or straight iron it). i'm still not giving away my costume until i have it on monday, but i am going to another party tonight to dress up as a japanese/harajuku/kandi raver. i don't even need another costume thing since i own so much neon and crazy shit, i'm just going to sport this purple wig again. anywho, here is one image of chromeo concert, and more will follow.


  1. I LOOOOVE wigs too haha! But I can never find them around here anywhere...atleast not ones I want! I looked EVERYWHERE for a long one that was red...I originally wanted to be Jessica Rabbit haha!

  2. haha yea, the best way i can find them is on ebay. it's seriously way cheaper for better quality wigs. all you need to do is type in "(color) cosplay wig" and a bunch will show up. if you order from china they usually ship for free, however it'll take just a little longer.. which is fine for me if i just order in advance. so the one i bought is very nice and was only $23! i'll post pics of it when i wear it on monday~